The following locations, individuals and events have been identified as ideal to use an Oxygen Bar:

Corporate Events and Meetings

Are you responsible for planning a corporate event like all-day strategy sessions, executive team building, quarterly exco planning, product definition sessions, etc??
These type of events are ongoing because our corporate world is so rich and vast!
Do you require all the participants to be alert, focussed and concentrating? Struggling to get 100% participation, especially during the graveyard shift?

Avoid this!Get an oxygen bar!

Incorporating an oxygen bar during morning tea, lunchtime and afternoon breakaway sessions will have your team members focussed, energetic, feeling great and more creative! This is what you have been missing all along...

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Clubs, Bars, Hotels & Restaurants

What could be a better addition to a club, nightclub, bar or restaurant than a Breathe O2 Mobile Bar? Even though oxygen is a healthy alternative to alcohol, patrons enjoy doing both! Our oxygen bar will provide you the edge over your competition!
Oxygen alleviates hangovers. It has been known to help with the metabolizing of alcohol in one’s system. It will enhance the user’s energy level and make them more alert. Just a five to ten-minute session on our system is all it takes to put a smile on their face! In short, having an oxygen and aromatherapy bar will give enjoyment to your patrons. Patrons feeling great and energised will spend more and keep on coming back!

Parties, weddings, 21st Celebrations, vows renewals

Matric farewells, parties, weddings, 21st Celebrations, vows renewals or any type of coming together where you want something new, fresh and exciting to impress your friends and guests. The light boxes and colourful display of the bar adds to the glamour and decoration with something new to talk about. The inhalation of oxygen will leave your guests exited, refreshed and energetic and will assist to uplift the general spirit of your event! Book now to avoid disappointment!

Trade Shows, Mobile Marketing & Promotions

Thousands of companies set up booths at trade shows every year. Many deals are made and there is fierce competition at these trade shows. Companies battle on the show floor for potential customers. Marketing companies and corporate sales forces use oxygen bars as a trade show attraction or trade show give away within their show booth to give them the edge they need to be “one up” on their competition for their customer's attention. Our equipment can be branded and customized with a company logo or personal message. The "bar" acts as a "People Magnet" within the trade show booth attracting potential clients. Each potential client that is seated at our oxygen bar is now a captive audience. The company representative has their prospective clients' undivided attention for as long as they are seated. Event Planners all over the WORLD are booking oxygen and aromatherapy bars for corporate entertainment at special events, trade shows, meetings, conventions, fairs, concerts, and anywhere there is a party!

Catch up on mail and facebook with an oxygen bar!

Flea-markets, Festivals, Car shows & Concerts

All are all wonderful venues where an extra sparkle will make the experience even more pleasurable!


Our oxygen bar/kiosk will entertain and refresh your shoppers. It will provide a touch of class and something different to your mall.

Need this? Get an oxygen bar!


The average person who chooses a Resort, Inn, or Hotel usually weighs two issues. The cost of stay is always a factor, but more consideration is given to the location's amenities and THAT is usually what separates two properties when the cost is equal. Today the competition is fierce for the traveler and vacationer’s money. Large facility owners and catering managers need to maintain their market shares by upgrading their operations to increase their customer satisfaction. A happy guest is a returning guest, or at the very least a referral to their friends and family. We will assist to make your resort, hotel, and inn guests and their children happy and feel energized! Oxygen bar sessions at poolside would be great for those quick "pick-me-ups" which are needed for those people who may have 'partied to hardy' the night before...

Gyms and Health Clubs

Nowadays people are more health-conscious than ever. Athletes, and everyday people who are training, all know that oxygen will give their body that extra energy to lift those few extra pounds or run that extra mile. Unless you are single and use the gym as a social venue, many people that used to belong to gyms now find it easier and more convenient to work out at home with store-bought equipment. It’s no secret that it's getting tougher to sign up clients to memberships. How does a health club owner stay competitive in today’s ever-changing business climate? Facility owners need to maintain their market shares by purchasing more expensive and cutting edge equipment. Breathe O2 Bar has the ultimate answer! What could be a better addition to a health club or gym than an oxygen and aromatherapy bar system? Exercise and Oxygen go hand and hand. You don’t have to be a doctor to know that exercise increases the human bodies need for Oxygen, in turn, creating fatigue and muscle pain. Offering members oxygen before and after a work out will enhance the member’s stamina, strength, energy, and performance. Just a five to ten-minute session on our oxygen bar displaces harmful free radicals, neutralizes environmental toxins, and destroys anaerobic infectious bacteria, parasites, and microbes. Oxygen gives the body the ability to rebuild itself, detoxifies the blood, and strengthens the immune system. It will heighten your member’s concentration and alertness. In short, having an oxygen bar will make your patrons feel better while giving them time to wind down from working out. The different aromas will fill the air with a pleasing bouquet, rather than the stale, musty smell of a gym locker room.

Hair & Nail Salons

There is never enough time in our stressful days to do what needs to get done. We work hard and we play hard. Nowadays we need to relax and unwind more than ever, and when we do, we pamper ourselves to make ourselves feel better. A mobile Oxygen bar will differentiate you from all the others and keep you customers coming back!